I was very surprised when someone came to me just for saying that “hey, I read your blog”. Or some of my classmates told me that last night she/he visited my blog and found something funny –I didn’t know what-.

On the other time, when I had a psychology class, my lecture asked my blog address and wrote it down on whiteboard. Damn, it made me going shy absolutely because I felt my blog just like a rubbish bin, a place where I put my stupid thoughs. That’s all. There’s no something important like good stories or poems. I’m not good with words.

But I’m happy, very very happy when I know lately some people read my blog continously. Some of them told me “It toched my heart” and I couldn’t say anything but “are you for real?”. Hehehe.

Named it ‘celebrity syndrome’. Wakakakakak.. No, just kidding. I’m not a good writer but I just wanna try making history and being worthwhile. *crossfingers*

Hehe it’s incredible when someone remembers the small details about you, isn’t it? Anyway, thanks for coming here and do not hesitate to leave comments for me *smiles*

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